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Dedicated Dental Care

Dental Technology

Dedicated Dental

Dr. Bui and his highly trained staff are committed to providing patients with the very best dental care in Henderson, Nevada. By using state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to make your treatment time faster and your experience in the office more comfortable. We are proud to be a paperless office, with electronic charting and digital X-rays.

Quiet Handpiece

The amazingly quiet Kavo high-speed handpiece addresses the issues of patients who have difficulty opening their mouth wide for full oral access. Its unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration-free operation. It operates at a very low frequency to reduce pressure, protect your hearing, and create a relaxing environment for all.

Intra Oral Camera

These cameras come in the size and shape of toothbrushes. They allow both the dentist and you to clearly see details of your teeth and gum on the flat screen TV or any computer screen. These cameras can detect small cavities, hard-to-see cracks, failed fillings, and gum problems very early. For that reason, it enables the dentist to perform better dentistry and for you to be more informed about your oral health and proactive in your treatment decisions. Seeing is believing!

Panoramic X-rays

The Sirona XG3 offers the benefits of high quality panoramic and TMJ images. Centrally controlled, motorized height adjustment and forehead and temple supports makes patient positioning easy and stable.

Digital Intra Oral X-rays

Schick CDR X-rays provide sharp, clear images right on our computer screen in real time for easy viewing of your teeth. It requires just a fraction of the radiation of traditional film X-rays. Plus, it eliminates the need for expensive film and toxic chemicals, which is better for your pocketbook and your health.

Automatic Vital Sign Monitors during Treatments

We believe in providing the highest level of safety for our patients. We monitor your vital signs during your treatment to ensure you are medically safe and help to reduce stress during your treatment.

Treat yourself to the very best here at Dedicated Dental Care. To schedule an appointment now, call us at (702) 566-5509 or request an appointment online at your convenience.