Why Consistent Dental Visits Are So Important

Why Consistent Dental Visits Are So Important

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

You’re busy. We get that. It’s easy to let things slide with your dental health, thinking that you’ll get around to it sooner or later, but this can prove to be a problem. Do not take your teeth, or your oral health for granted. 

Seeing a dentist regularly is essential to your health – orally and physically, too. Physical conditions other than dental concerns are related to your oral health. In this regard, your dentist may be your first line of defense against other diseases that can occur. 

Believe it or not, visiting the dentist is as equally important as seeing your medical doctor once a year for a checkup. 

Avoid Seeing the Dentist Only When a Problem Arises

Unfortunately, many people fail to make an appointment with their dentist until a problem presents itself. They suddenly have a toothache, chip a tooth, or notice that the appearance of a tooth or teeth has changed. An emergent situation arises, and they call to make an appointment with their dentist.

In some cases, this may be too little too late. The damage is done. Though your dentist will be able to assist in an emergency situation, it’s much better to avoid the emergency altogether. It is less costly, less invasive, and even less painful in many situations.

What to Expect from Your Regular Dental Checkup

On your first visit, your dentist will speak to you about your oral health and history. This occurs prior to the examination. The hygienist will take an X-ray of your mouth – including roots of your teeth and what’s beneath the gums and bone – so that any problems the dentist can't see will become visible.

The doctor will also use the X-ray as a point of reference in future visits. Your dentist will be able to note changes between the time of your initial and future visits. A shift in the positioning of your teeth becomes apparent with this baseline, as well as possible disease that should be addressed. 

Cleaning Your Teeth

One of the primary reasons to see a dentist regularly is so that your teeth can be cleaned. Brushing your teeth at least two times a day is crucial to good oral health, but tartar still builds up over time. Having it professionally removed keeps your teeth healthy. 

A professional cleaning, with specialized dental instruments, allows you to avoid gum, or periodontal, disease. Bacteria in the plaque buildup adhere to the teeth and cause damage, unless the plaque is removed. Decay is the result, but can be easily avoided with regular dental visits.

Your Exam

Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned by the hygienist, the doctor will thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth. Your dentist will discuss findings on the X-ray and advise you of next steps, if warranted. Depending on the X-ray results and the exam, you may be presented with a treatment plan to address any issues.

Generally, there are fewer issues if you are consistent with dental visits.

If you’ve been inconsistent with your dental appointments, you can correct the habit and begin now. Make an appointment and follow through on future visits.

Dedicated Dental Care in Nevada

The dental health professionals at Dedicated Dental are happy to see you regardless of whether you’ve been consistent or not with your dental care. You have to start somewhere, and we’re happy for you to begin your consistent attention to dental health with us.

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